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 Play By the Rules
 Posted: Jul 20 2015, 06:36 PM
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General Rules

[*] This is an 18+ rpg. Violence is allowed throughout the forum. But there is a separate X rated section for sexual threads. Keep in mind each thread should be labeled with a rating and reason why that rating was chosen.

[*] This RPG takes place within the Buffy/Angel universe, approximately six months after the Buffy Season 7 apocalypse. See plot section for more details.

[*] There is no word count minimum, but be respectful and try to avoid short responses.

[*] Absolutely no godmodding. This is an action heavy rpg, so keep in mind planning out threads with partners and making sure you're doing the right things with your character.

[*] This should go without saying, please no harassment or badmouthing of other players. This is a safe place for anyone who wishes to sit down and roleplay with others.

Account / Character Rules

[*] Currently there is no limit on how many characters can be created. Keep in mind if you choose a canon character and that character has become idle for 2 weeks, that account will be removed from that canon and will be availble for others to claim.

[*] WIP will be allowed for one week before being moved to the rejected application section. Please label your application with [WIP] so staff knows you are still working on that character.

[*] There will only be character accounts. Staff will be the only ones who have OOC accounts.

[*] Avatar images must be 250x400 images and will not be accepted if they are NSFW.

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